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2016 UConn football preview: Something you can D-pend on

Before we get started talking about UConn’s defense, here’s something pretty to look at (NSFW): Oh, man, look at that beauty. Houston hadn’t scored fewer...

UConn football preview 2016: Show us your O-line face

That UConn’s offense must improve in 2016, in order for the program to capitalize on its first decent season since Willie and Kate tied...

#MailWeek: UConn’s all-time football team

@ADimeBack football team all time best starters offense, defense, and special teams. — k fitz (@KyleAFitz) July 18, 2016 It's #MailWeek at ADB. We're giving long...
He's just so damn handsome.

With Diaco at the helm, UConn – and love – on the rise

The thing about meeting Bob Diaco in person is that it’s impossible to tell whether you’re dealing with an incredibly polished salesman, or the...

UConn 20, Houston 17: Rebirth

Bob Diaco is going to save UConn football.
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Watch: UConn’s Top 10 Dunks

Jesse (Golden State Husky) recently asked in a mailbag question: What are the ten best UConn dunks of all time? Dunks are one of the better...

The ADB Mailbag: #RankedWeek, Ranked (& Other Stuff)

Thanks for participating in another successful #RankedWeek. Today, we're closing it out by ranking three of your random suggestions. Remember: If your question wasn’t answered...

UConn, Ranked

An incomplete, but definitive, ranking.