Instant Reaction: Navy 28, UConn 24

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I hate that all of the magnificent work of coming back from a three-touchdown deficit — not to mention a beautiful would-be game-winning drive — is going to be absolutely ignored by the next four paragraphs, but:

Bob Diaco failed his players by giving them no chance to win a football game today. After one of the most inexcusable dead-ball timeouts you will ever see, a team whose worst attribute is running up the middle was asked to run up the middle, in a situation where that up-the-middle run would absolutely be the last play of the game, in a situation where failure meant the wasting of 59:43 of encouraging football, in a game that meant so much in terms of everything that was supposed to be accomplished this year.

That was a bullshit call, Bob. You know it. I know it. Every teenager who’s ever played a Madden game knows it.

We know now that UConn isn’t as bad as it looked last week against Maine. It will win some games this year. But today, we also found out that our coaching staff will be obstinate and unimaginative at the most crucial time.

Diaco and UConn’s margin for error for a successful season is zero, now. All the other indicators can wait until a point at which we’re all no longer mad online.

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That sucked.