Jake Voskuhl gets his own damn list

We’re ranking all of the things this week here at ADB, and because we take great pride in responding to the wishes of our readers, I give to you: Pictures of Jake Voskuhl, ranked.

1. This is basically Jake Voskuhl’s boyband period, and it is a thing of beauty.







2. Yes, you Jake. You get your own list. You’re pretty.

3. Jake loves winning. And lists.







4. Uh oh, Jake is dribbling, but it’s ok, because his hair is still perfect.







5. Presidential Jake

6. KO and Jake make a nice pic indeed.

7. Jake was a really good passer in the high post. This is a true fact.







8. Hey Jake. How you doin’?




9. Serious Jake is the best Jake. The hair is swoon-worthy.













10. Contrary to popular opinion, Jake Voskuhl did occasionally do offense things.







11. Peter is currently sporting this hair style.





12. Jake is rebounding, apparently, but idk






13. Jake looks kinda pissed here, but it’s still all good.







14. Happy Jake!







15. Who messed up Jake’s hair? We’re in a fight right now.







16. Majestic Jake







17. Contemplative Jake







18. Dope sweatshirt but those glasses, oof. Hair, however, still on point.





19. Focused Jake














21. I’m a little scared, tbh







22. Some grappling going on here, and that’s an… interesting face.






23. More grappling. And that face again.






24. Jake is trying out for the Rockettes.

25. Crazy eyes Jake