Ranked: UConn Point Guards

Yooooooo there are no games this week so let’s rank some stuff!

We got this question from Storrs South on the Twitters: We always talk about UConn as point guard U; best point guards in the history of UConn men’s basketball?

Because we can never do anything the way people like, and because we like to make certain denizens of War on Christmas The-Boneyard Dot Com tremble with coed-induced rage, we have decided to give to you, as a special holiday treat, the top ten point guards ever to suit up for UConn.

1(tie) Kemba Walker & Sue Bird

Sue & Kemba

Walker: Best season ever. Five games in five days. Step-back daggers. Winning the 2011 ship with a bunch of children. Circus layups.

Bird: Best career. Two ships. Won the best PG in the nation award three times. Also hit Big East Championship buzzer beaters (yes, plural). Passed to DT many times.

2Jen Rizzotti


Wore knee pads and dove on the floor. Stole the ball all the damn time. Won the first ship at 35-0. Passed to Lobo many times.

3Shabazz Napier

(AP Photo)

Won the post-Calhoun ship. Hit that Florida buzzer beater. Beat that Cal team. Saved the program (probably). Also did much circus shit.

4Renee Montgomery


Resides in the top ten of like every PG stat, including points, assists and steals. Was the first player to get her jersey on the Husky of Honor wall while still wearing that jersey. Achieved perfection her senior year.

5Chris Smith


First Calhoun blue chipper. All-time leading scorer in the program (#points). Peter’s first favorite player.

6Khalid El-Amin


Won the first ship. “We shocked the world.” Elite-level scorers’ table jumper. Swag before swag was a thing. Loved to score and also make ridiculous passes. Fun level: 10 out of 10.

7Doron Sheffer


GOAT nicknames: The Ice Man and the Israeli Assassin. Insanely good passer, and defender. So. Many. Steals. Also could score his own damn self. (Note to self: watch more mid-90s UConn games.)

8Moriah Jefferson


Faster than everybody. Won four ships while only losing five games in her whole damn career. Got real good at bombing threes. Won the PG award twice! Passed to Breanna Stewart many time. Stole the ball a lot.

9Marcus Williams


Best natural passer who ever played for UConn. Extremely underrated due to off-court stuff we’re not going to talk about. Way better than you remember. Averaged 8.6 assists a game in his final year. Eight. Point. Six.