Player Preview: Saniya Chong

A look at UConn's backup point guard

Get Butts in the Seats with Tiered Ticket Prices

An idea for fixing UConn's empty seat problem

Colin McEnroe’s Disingenuous Attack on Geno Auriemma

The Courant writer gets it all wrong.

Player Preview: Natalie Butler

UConn will have a new center with high upside


Use some of that power for good.

AAC awards added to list of things UConn dominates

UConn players take home awards

I Dream of Geno

Geno Auriemma recorded his 900th win last night.

How the Streak Ended

Goodbye, beautiful winning streak

Previewing the women’s title defense

Spoiler: They'll win a lot

Geno’s dominance: A history lesson

We’re all tired of arguing over whether UConn’s dominance is good for women’s basketball. Here at A Dime Back, it is our totally impartial,...
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Every Game on UConn’s Schedule: Ranked again!

The schedule is out. We’ve had time to react. We've had time to complain. Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite tradition: Russ Ranks UConn’s...

Ranked: UConn Point Guards

Yooooooo there are no games this week so let’s rank some stuff! We got this question from Storrs South on the Twitters: We always talk...

Ranked: UConn Wins Over Cincy

As #RankedWeek continues, we thought it only fair to include a list we are sure will not make Mick Cronin mad, but that he...