A Reality Show Wish List

The season finale, probably.

It’s a big day here in Connecticut for women’s basketball. Tonight, the 81-game win streak is on the line as UConn faces Notre Dame in South Bend. And yesterday, we learned that HBO is currently filming a docu-series about our beloved Huskies to air in March.

We here at ADB HQ are beyond excited at the prospect of a Geno and Co. reality show. And because we are totally sure that the fine folks at HBO are desperately in need of the insight only we can provide, we have helpfully compiled a list of things that we think should make their way into the series:

  • Chris Dailey teaches the team important life lessons, like when and how to wear their national championship ring(s).
  • In A Very Special Episode, Gabby and Kia give us all a lesson in friendship (and wokeness)
  • Perfect Human Rebecca Lobo descends from the heavens to do a musical number encouraging Natalie Butler to never give up.
  • Nonna (aka GenoMom) colorfully reacts to the election of Donald Trump and then tells us all a story about how she escaped fascism while making pasta that I get to eat (What? Don’t you want a cameo?).
  • Diana Taurasi shows up and talks tons of shit about Dan Shaughnessy, Ruth Reilly and Charles Barkley (because why not).
  • Muffet McGraw flips a table at Geno during a post-game press conference while Geno looks smug and unconcerned.
  • We learn that Crystal Dangerfield actually brings a ball with her everywhere, breaking ankles as she walks to class and eats in the dining hall.
  • Katie Lou Samuelson. Trick shots. Enough said.
  • Crafting episode in which Geno builds and wears a crown made from his 11 rings.
  • After winning the running man challenge last year, the UConn women decide to one-up everyone with a trophy-laden mannequin challenge.
  • SHEA RALPH! (that’s it, just SHEA RALPH!)
  • As many sightings of Jonathan XIII and IX as possible. More dogs, is what I’m saying.
  • And, of course, we expect to see them win games (and a ring!) so if HBO could script that, that would be great.

While the series doesn’t air until March, you can catch the UConn women tonight as they play at Notre Dame at 7 p.m. on ESPN2.


Meghan Bard

2003 UConn grad, recovering journalist, cardigan wearer, former Daily Camper, current lawyer.