Instant Reaction: Syracuse, 72 – UConn, 63

UConn played its 94th consecutive disappointing game on Tuesday night, falling to East Canadian Community College Syracuse 72-63 in Madison Square Garden. It's late, and...

Day of Celebration Marred by UConn Loss

On a day when UConn honored one of the most accomplished teams of the program’s past, the current squad put on a performance destined...

Our Little Baby’s All Growns Up

UConn wins first round contest vs. Colorado
Christian Vital vs. Memphis

7 Takeaways From UConn’s Win Over Memphis

UConn continued it’s warm streak on Thursday night, beating Memphis 65-62. It was the Huskies’ third consecutive win and their sixth in the last...

Last night said a lot. What happens next will say more.

Huskies can't afford to let it happen again

Shocker! UConn Loses to Wichita State

Every UConn game this season is essentially the same. The only variables are how long the Huskies are able to maintain consistent effort and...


They did things that cause losing and they lost.

UConn Goes Out Fighting

Huskies fall to Kansas
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