9 Things About UConn’s Loss to Ohio State

1. The Deets. UConn lost 64-60 at Ohio State. The Huskies are once again below .500 at 4-5. Welp. 2. Game MVP. Jalen Adams, who used a...

That was terrible. Temple beats UConn.

Seriously, terrible.

Ollie: “We didn’t play with any heart.”

UConn drops home game to Houston

7 Thoughts From UConn vs. North Florida

In a nice, easy, palette cleansing win, UConn beat North Florida (yes, they play three directional Florida schools this year) 80-59 on Sunday afternoon. The...

Gibbs Leads UConn Over Memphis

$terling Gibb$

Required Reactionary UConn Post

You're all terrible

13 Thoughts: UConn Beats UCF

Winning is fun, if you'd forgotten. UConn ended its four-game losing streak on Sunday evening with a 64-49 win over UCF (the less bad of...

A Failure on All Counts

UConn't figure out zone defense

UConn Seniors Say Goodbye With a Win

This post is a senior discount

11 Thoughts: UConn over Temple

UConn defeated conference foe Temple on Wednesday night, 73-59, improving its record to 7-9. Let's see what we learned... 1. Going streaking. UConn is on...
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Every Game on UConn’s Schedule: Ranked again!

The schedule is out. We’ve had time to react. We've had time to complain. Now it’s time for everyone’s favorite tradition: Russ Ranks UConn’s...

Ranked: UConn’s Best Centers

Hi, and welcome to Ranked Week. It's the time of year where we manufacture content to generate page views during a typically dead part...

Ranking UConn’s Best Pros

Getting paid to play sports. Imagine?