Instant reaction: Houston 42, UConn 14

Welcome back to square one, where everything is familiar and the walls have weird stains from those bad blackout nights in 2013. No, UConn never...

Instant Reaction: Navy 28, UConn 24

I hate that all of the magnificent work of coming back from a three-touchdown deficit -- not to mention a beautiful would-be game-winning drive...

My uncle’s meltdown during the Holy Cross game is the only recap you need

I love my uncle. He's great. During most UConn sporting events, he'll jump into my DMs and add his two cents, and he holds...

Instant Reaction: UConn, 79 – Merrimack, 63

Hey, cool. Now we can pretend that UConn's nightmare last week at Mohegan Sun never actually happened. On Monday, the Huskies got their first win...
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