Russell Steinberg

Shorter than Rebecca Lobo.

A Q&A with Howard Megdal, who is qualified to talk about women’s basketball

Talking UConn with Excelle Sports' Editorial Director

The UConn women’s basketball machine rolls on

2016 has just been another victim

Geno Auriemma unloads on the idiots

Fire up the quote machine.

How to beat Colorado

More like ColoraNO.

Russetology: Huskies hanging by a thread, Syracuse in its rightful place

RUSSETOLOGY WAR ROOM — From deep inside the Russetology bunker, I come to you with another update. Since my last bracket, released on Sunday...

Important Questions With Perfect Human Rebecca Lobo

We recently started a new feature here at ADB, where we asked some new Huskies a few Important Questions. In its second iteration, Important...

Behind the scenes, Howie Dickenman spurred UConn’s rise

Former UConn assistant helped guide UConn to prominence

CCSU coaching search may be full of UConn ties

More excuses to schedule the Blue Devils

Last night said a lot. What happens next will say more.

Huskies can't afford to let it happen again

Quiz: Huskies of the World

Like our time-wasting games? Now you can play!
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Ranked: Kevin Ollie’s Suit Game

It's #RankedWeek here at ADB and it wouldn't be complete if I didn't rank something completely weird and stupid and unimportant. Today, because I...

Ranked: Our Twitter followers

A Dime Back, or as you may know us: Award-Winning TwitThing @ADimeBack, somehow has over 4,000 followers on the free website These people...

Walk-ons, ranked

Somehow not "Tor Watts" written 10 times