Walk-ons, ranked

Behold, Tor (Photo: UConn.edu)

Here at A Dime Back, we love the walk-ons, and so should you. They’re the ones who bust their asses as hard as anyone in practice, but rarely see the court on gameday. When they do get into the game, often in a blowout, we all cheer for them and go nuts when they score. Now, it’s time to honor the best of the best. Here are our favorite walk-ons of all-time*.

* we realize some of these players later gained scholarships. Good for them! They still make the list because they’re awesome.

1. Tor Watts

Friend of the site. All around amazing person. Also made the random UConn things list.

2. Marty Gagne

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Produced perhaps the greatest piece of music in the history of the world.

3. Jill Gelfenbien

Went to both the basketball Final Four and soccer Final Four. In the same year. Because that’s what we do at UConn.

4. Pat Lenehan

Fan favorite. Smarter than you. As Tyler noted, he gets extra points for someday saving your life (the Lenehan Rule).

5. Pete McCann

Minus points for being friends with Peter. Peter did, however, once say this about Pete: “He’s a bro’s bro. Pete, if you’re reading this (he’s not), way to be the man.”

6. Briana Pulido

Things working in Polly’s favor: 1. This shot 2. This Vine 3. Lenehan Rule 4. I confused the hell out of her when trying to ask about #FireGeno.

7. Ace Watanasuparp

He’s 5’6. ‘Nuff said. Now buy a house from him.

8. Sami Ameziane

French guy who had to play minutes in the NCAA Tournament because UConn ran out of guards.

9. Tierney Lawlor

Future farming extraordinaire. She will survive the next great famine. Here she is signing an autograph for a nice old lady:

Photo: CT Post

10. Dan Guest

Another fan favorite. Bonus points for letting me do this:


  1. It is my recollection that after his freshmen year, Scott Burrell signed a minor league baseball contract. At the time I believe if you were a professional athlete in any sport you maintained amateur status in other sports but could not receive a scholarship per NCAA rules. If correct, he may not have technically been a walk on but was not a scholarship athlete.

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