Ranked: Our Twitter followers

A Dime Back, or as you may know us: Award-Winning TwitThing @ADimeBack, somehow has over 4,000 followers on the free website twitter.com. These people and Russian propaganda robots come for the hot UConn takes, and stay for the opportunity to make today’s #RankedWeek list of our top 50 followers.

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To begin, it seems fair to look back at some recent followers and make sure we’ve given them a fair chance to impress.

Machine Dictionary (@weebayER) smashed that follow button. Are they worthy of being ranked? No. Machine Dictionary? That is a convoluted way to say “I’m your iPhone.”

How about President Bobcat (@PRESIDENTBobcat)? More like President Bearcat, because you’re not reaching the Sweet Sixteen.

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And then there’s Chris (@CP3o). Chris is probably fine. Or maybe he cuckolded your grandfather to get access to your grandmother’s Thanksgiving recipes.

That was instructive as you likely now understand the quality of character that typically defines our audience. Yet when you crawl through the Shawshank escape scene that contains our followers, you arrive at a few tolerable ones.

Time to rank.

LAST PLACE: Ben Goren (@BenG412)

Ben works for Russ: strike one

Ben won’t sign the petition: strike all the other strikes.

50. Costa (@CostaRica79)

49. Kyle Constable (@KyleConstable)

48. Hergy Mayala (@BigPlayHm)

Motivational. Good use of hashtags. Above-average profile picture.

47. Loud Bristol (@LoudBristol)

46. Matt Zampini (@Matt_Zamp)

45. RJ Evans (@rjevans10)

Good dude. Docked a few spots for Texas reasons.

44. Michael Peng (@MichaelXPeng)

43. Shonn Miller (@Smiller_32)

42. Collin Sherwin (@USFCollin)

Following the (from what we can tell) only USF writer on the internet is helpful when you need a hefty dose of perspective. The best non-UConn follow until they get Twitter in Tulsa.

41. Penfield (@BpenfieldJ)

40. Ricky Moore (@MooreMoore2)

39. Tim Fontenault (@Tim_Fontenault)

Longer UConn tenure than Jim Calhoun. Dropped due to what is soccer?

38. Andreas Knappe (@Thegreatdane02)

Giant human with great twit name.

37. Whitney McIntosh (@WhitneyM02)

36. Chris Licata (@Licatacs)

He asks better questions than the rest of you monsters.

35. Rod Sellers (@rsell22)

34. Jon Wholley (@JonathanWholley)

33. Scott Burrell (@sburrell24)

32. Coffill (@Coffill)

We like Coffill.

31. UConn Blue Line (@UConnBlueLine)

We probably would’ve ranked them even if they hadn’t given Russ a hat. But they gave Russ a hat.

30. Pat Tiscia (@PatrickTiscia)

We decided not to include The Horde in the rankings because (A) there’s so many of them and space is limited and (B) most lost too many points for live-tweeting high school sports. Pat gets an exception for his deep appreciation for high fashion.

29. Kevin Freeman (@CoachKFree)

28. DeAndre Daniels (@D_Daniels2)

27. Bunkey (???)

Bunkey is an American treasure and our commitment to his particular brand of greatness extends (somehow) to three different accounts.

26. Puneet Nanda (@UConnPuneet)

Puneet is a Twitter bot that has been programmed to disseminate scores from decades-old UConn games and bad opinions about the Mets.

25. Khalid El-Amin (@ElAminTraining)

24. Corey Edsall (@CoachCEdsall)

Spot on next year’s list pending appeal.

23. Chris Smith (@huskiesalltime1)

Has many points and few shoes.

22. Big Rob (@Robert66Holmes)

21. Kwintin Williams (@JUMPMANEBIG)

One of our newest followers but we’re ranking him this high in hopes that he one day jumps over Russ.

20. Gabriella Levine (@gab_rose1)

19. Caron Butler (@realtuffjuice)

18. Kevin Duffy (@KevinRDuffy)

The Good Patriots Writer when he’s not tweeting about the Patriots.

17. Howard Megdal (@howardmegdal)

Women’s basketball expert who once spilled water on Jim Calhoun, survived.

16. Tor Watts (@TorWatts)

Spawned the best hashtag since #Bazzterbating.

15. Hartford Yard Goats (@GoYardGoats)

Like if Gandhi was a minor league baseball team that also sponsored this web site.

14. J. Timothy’s Taverne (@jtimothys)

Bonus points for sponsoring our podcast. These wings are our religion.

13. Khalid El-Atweet (@KhalidElAtweet)

Possibly the only good idea we’ve ever had. Thank god someone was talented enough to bring this beautiful account into the world.

12. Kevin Ollie (@CoachKO_UConn)

KO follows us to gain access to our incredible breadth of basketball stratagem and for jokes about UCF.

11. UConn GIFs (@UConnGIFs)

10. Kerith Burke (@KerithBurke)

Moved across the country to get out of doing a second podcast appearance. Still our favorite only-first-name-needed bud.

9. Sterling Gibbs (@SterlingGibbs4)

Palpable bond over dislike of Jon Rothstein.

8. Gabby Williams (@MochaTrapuccino)

A+ twit handle. Loses points for taking half of the tweet season off.

7. Donyell Marshall (@DMarsh42)

Long-time supporter of ADB. Will likely add us to CCSU coaching staff soon.

6. Kyle Muncy (@UConnTrademark)

We love Muncy almost as much as he loves us.

5. TCF (@TCF_15)

We once declared TCF the most unassailable UConn fan and it remains true. Tom is the brains behind UConn GIFs and UConnHuskyGames.com, the greatest web site on the internet.

4. Rodney Purvis (@Gpurvooo)

Purv is as good natured on Twitter as he is in person. It’s possible he’s also our football writer.

3. Breanna Stewart (@bre_stewart30)

Queen of the sneak fav during in-season Twitter bans (think we’re past the statute of limitations on this). Once told us she would dunk in a game.

2. Joe D’Ambrosio (@JoeDSports)

Beloved voice of several UConn sports. Recently agreed to be a permanent cohost of the A Dime Back Podcast.

1. Rebecca Lobo (@RebeccaLobo)

Perfect Human Rebecca Lobo is also our perfect Twitter follower. She went back-to-back with Russ, then mercilessly tormented him. She’s a wealth of basketball knowledge, hilarious and tolerant of our antics. What more could you want?

Twitter followers better than all of the above:

  1. Our staff: Meghan, Peter, Alex, Russ (who is verified), Big Meach aka David Benedict Cumberbatch
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