Round 1: #7 Kevin Freeman vs. #10 Stanley Robinson

Kevin Freeman vs. Stanley Robinson

#7 Kevin Freeman – (1996-2000)
by Tyler Wilkinson

Before he roamed UConn’s sidelines as an assistant coach, Kevin Freeman played an integral role on the Huskies’ first national championship run in 1999. He is best known for his defensive performance in the ’99 title game against Duke, where he and center Jake Voskuhl combined to frustrate and neutralize Elton Brand, lifting UConn to victory. However, it was the preceding tournament where Freeman truly shined, winning MVP of the Big East Tournament. Freeman attempted to shift from his natural position of power forward to small forward his senior year and saw his numbers suffer because of it. Still, Freeman is UConn’s all-time leader in games played, and a member of 1,000 point club.

Career Points: 1476

Career Rebounds: 913

Career Assists: 130

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Career Steals: 109

Career Blocks: 25


UConn all-time leader games played
1,000 point club
Member of 1999 National Championship team

  #10 Stanley Robinson – (2006-2010)
by Tyler Wilkinson

Stanley “Sticks” Robinson is the most famous metal worker in UConn history. After his sophomore season in which he averaged over 10 points per game, coach Jim Calhoun banished Robinson from the team, landing him a job in a Willimantic scrap metal yard until Robinson learned to “grow up.” Robinson’s game never caught up to his talent during his time in Storrs. He may be the most athletically gifted player to ever wear a UConn uniform, but only averaged 9.8 points per game during his UConn career. Still, as a role player, Robinson contributed to the Huskies’ 2009 Final Four run and scored over 1,200 points in his four years on campus.

Career Points: 1231

Career Rebounds: 776

Career Assists: 131

Career Steals: 74

Career Blocks: 130


1,000 point club

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  1. Stanley certainly underwhelmed, but I’ll give home is: He was absolutely the best dunker in UConn history. Others were great (Rudy, Ray, Donyell, Emeka), but Jesus, Stanley could throw down.

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