Round 1: #6 Tate George vs. #11 Taliek Brown

Tate George vs. Taliek Brown

#6 Tate George – (1986-1990)
by Peter Bard

Tate George is second all-time at UConn in assists, and held the record for over 14 years when Taliek Brown passed him in 2004. But really, when you’re talking about George’s legacy at UConn, it really only comes down to one thing. This.

George has found himself in some very peculiar legal trouble, having been charged with operating a Ponzi scheme, for which he could face up to 20 years in prison. I prefer to just remember him for The Shot.

Career Points: 1247

Career Rebounds: 427

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Career Assists: 677

Career Steals: 201

Career Blocks: 29


3rd Team Big East 1989-1990
1000 point club

  #11 Taliek Brown – (2000-2004)
by Meghan Bard

Taliek Brown is the all-time leader in assists at UConn, and a member of the 1,000-point club. He was the point guard on the 2004 NCAA Championship team. Brown’s teams won two Big East regular season championships and two Big East tournament championships, including the 2002 championship, when he hit this shot from somewhere in Time Square in the second overtime against Pittsburg.

Career Points: 1039

Career Rebounds: 430

Career Assists: 722

Career Steals: 163

Career Blocks: 17


UConn leader in assists
1000 point club
Member of 2004 National Championship Team

A-Z Tourney: Round 1 -- O vs. L

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  • Team L (7%, 12 Votes)

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  1. I’m feeling a Taliek, Khalid match up in the second round….epic battle of National Championship PG’s!

  2. This is inexplicable to me. George was a much better player than Taliek, and he’s the author of the greatest shot in UConn history.

  3. I think it’s plenty explicable. People only really know George for The Shot. They don’t really have an idea for how he was as a player and that’s because uCon didn’t have anywhere near the cache or exposure that they had when Brown played. Lots of people watched Taliek contribute to a title. When George played, I was playing with Legos and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The only exposure I have to him is his stat sheet and the highlight of The Shot. I watched most of the games Taliek ever played.

    • Turns out I have no idea how to turn editing on for commenters but I CAN go in and edit YOUR comments.

      You been warned.

  4. I didn’t watch him and don’t have the same emotional attachment to him that I do for Taliek. It’s not ignant.

  5. I’m not approaching this from a, “Who was statistically better?” perspective. That’s boring. I could just read a list if that were the case. I’m just voting on gut. I just voted for some guy I don’t even know about over Dyson, because fuck Dyson, that’s why.

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