Round 1: #3 Art Quimby vs. #14 Travis Knight

Art Quimby vs. Travis Knight

#3 Art Quimby – (1951-1955)

by Meghan Bard

Art Quimby, who played at UConn in the 1950s, is the all-time leader in rebounds and rebounds per game. Despite the fact that we don’t have records for his sophomore season, between in freshman, junior and senior year, Quimby racked up an unbelievable 1128 rebounds. He’s also a member of the 1,000-point club, and is the all-time leader in career double-doubles.

Career Points: 1398

Career Rebounds: 1716

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Career Assists: Records not kept

Career Steals: Records not kept

Career Blocks: Records not kept


UConn leader in rebounds & rebounds/game

UConn leader in double-doubles

1000 point club

1000 rebounding club

  #14 Travis Knight – (1992-1996)

by Tyler Wilkinson

Travis Knight was the prototypical center for early 1990’s UConn teams. He was asked to rebound, play defense and make life easier for the team’s scorers – in Knight’s case, Donyell Marshall and then Ray Allen. Knight handled his role well, filling out his career stat sheet with 760 points and 747 rebounds. He was selected with the 29th overall pick in the 1996 NBA Draft.

Career Points: 760

Career Rebounds: 747

Career Assists: 142

Career Steals: 72

Career Blocks: 179

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  1. Knight gets the edge (in my book) because I tried to buy his Knicks jersey at Jerry Cosby downstairs at the Garden and was laughed at by the people I was trying to give money too. 12 beers does strange things to a man.

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