Tyler Wilkinson

Tyler Wilkinson
Owner & Editor-in-Chief of ADimeBack.com -- founded in 2012 to provide additional useless insight on UConn sports.

The Tale of Doron Sheffer

First there was Nadav Henefeld – the first Israeli native to don a UConn uniform. Henefeld arrived at UConn after serving the mandatory three...

Personality Disorder

Jim Calhoun is a mountain of a man. He stomps around the sidelines, stares daggers though his players, curses, kicks the scorer’s table. He...

What to Expect: Disappointment

Welcome to A Dime Back. You can expect to be horribly disappointed. Enjoy!
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UConn in the WNBA: 20 at 20

The WNBA is celebrating its 20th season in existence by honoring the league's biggest stars and most important moments. Unsurprisingly, the league's history has a...

The ADB Mailbag: #RankedWeek, Ranked (& Other Stuff)

Thanks for participating in another successful #RankedWeek. Today, we're closing it out by ranking three of your random suggestions. Remember: If your question wasn’t answered...

Ranked: UConn Villains

Dastardly villains.