Your Take: Best Player by Jersey Number

Tyler Wilkinson | A Dime Back

We had a blast on this week’s podcast, where we attempted to determine the best player to wear each jersey number at UConn. If you haven’t listened (or subscribed), do so this instant.

Yet despite the 45 minute+ runtime, our crew was split on several numbers. Debate in the twitters has arisen over others. With that in mind, we thought it a good idea to give you readers a chance to weigh in. The power of democracy!

Below, you will find several polls allowing you to vote for the best player to wear a certain number. In the interest of keeping things interesting, we’ve limited the polls to the few numbers where there’s a real debate. Enjoy and go nuts.

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
Ben Gordon
Career Points: 1795
Career Rebounds: 415
Career Assists: 437
Career Steals: 125
Career Blocks: 19 
Jeff Adrien
Career Points: 1603
Career Rebounds: 1126
Career Assists: 146
Career Steals: 78
Career Blocks: 152

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
Taliek Brown
Career Points: 1039
Career Rebounds: 430
Career Assists: 722
Career Steals: 163
Career Blocks: 17 
Kevin Ollie
Career Points: 825
Career Rebounds: 252
Career Assists: 619
Career Steals: 107
Career Blocks: 7 
AJ Price
Career Points: 1284
Career Rebounds: 332
Career Assists: 469
Career Steals: 104
Career Blocks: 5

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
Chris Smith
Career Points: 2145
Career Rebounds: 362
Career Assists: 436
Career Steals: 193
Career Blocks: 43 
Shabazz Napier*
Career Points: 1790
Career Rebounds: 528
Career Assists: 611
Career Steals: 235
Career Blocks: 30
*Still Active

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
Josh Boone
Career Points: 959
Career Rebounds: 718
Career Assists: 84
Career Steals: 53
Career Blocks: 222 
Ricky Moore
Career Points: 925
Career Rebounds: 402
Career Assists: 510
Career Steals: 170
Career Blocks: 47 
Stanley Robinson
Career Points: 1231
Career Rebounds: 776
Career Assists: 131
Career Steals: 74
Career Blocks: 130

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
Denham Brown
Career Points: 1267
Career Rebounds: 530
Career Assists: 175
Career Steals: 94
Career Blocks: 27 
Kevin Freeman (Senior Year in parenthesis)
Career Points: 1476 (440)
Career Rebounds: 913 (263)
Career Assists: 130 (30)
Career Steals: 109 (26)
Career Blocks: 25 (10) 
Donny Marshall
Career Points: 1197
Career Rebounds: 534
Career Assists: 129
Career Steals: 127
Career Blocks: 17

Sorry, there are no polls available at the moment.
Khalid El-Amin
Career Points: 1650
Career Rebounds: 319
Career Assists: 479
Career Steals: 186
Career Blocks: 10 
Tony Hanson
Career Points: 1990
Career Rebounds: 818
Career Assists: 300
Career Steals: Records not kept
Career Blocks: Records not kept 
Donyell Marshall
Career Points: 1648
Career Rebounds: 695
Career Assists: 131
Career Steals: 113
Career Blocks: 245
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  1. for us “veteran” fans, #12 Al Weston, #21 Jimmy Foster and #42 Toby Kimball should at least be nominees! fun post, do some more numbers.

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