#ADBTourney: Play-In Rounds pt. I

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East Region — Play-In

HolyCross Providence
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South Region — Play-In

Pittsburgh WestVirginia
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Peter "Bruce" Bard will tell you more than you ever wanted to know about Kirk King.


  1. Hi Peter, this is great. Two comments:
    1. Vonteego Cummings – one of the great names.
    2. What!? no Ernie DiGregorio at PC? Marvin Barnes would have been half the player without him. And Shamgod couldn’t carry his jock. Best ball handler ever in NE hoops except for maybe Cousy. Certainly the best I had a chance to watch.
    But I quibble. Great job. Look forward to the rest of the brackets.

    • Admittedly, yes, DiGregorio was better than Shammgod, but I couldn’t bring myself to keep GS out of there. That name was just always so magical to me. Honestly, I didn’t think that anyone would care about the PC backup point guard.

  2. Man, this is bringing back a lot of hateful memories of yesteryear. Kevin Pittsnogle was the worst (ugly name, uglier face, ugliest tattoos) . I’m just glad that I don’t see Carl Krauser’s name anywhere on that Pitt roster. He was also the worst

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