This is Connecticut

Often times, we feel divided. Be it by faith, politics, economics or distance. Connecticut is rich with contrast that doesn’t splinter our tiny state, but wholly unites us into one, beautiful collection of diverse interests and beliefs.

Early Friday morning, a cowardly terrorist took the lives of 26 of our own – 20 of them children – in Newtown, CT. An act so brutal, seemingly so random, that it has left our state broken and numb. In the coming days, the horrifying details will emerge. We will hear stories of victims, so young and so innocent. We will hear too much about the killer – who does not deserve the attention of having his name printed on this site. We will hear stories of heroism; brave teachers shepherding children to safety; first-responders who handled themselves with unimaginable poise; the support offered from across the nation to help a sleepy town in western Connecticut.


As sports fans, we covet hyperbole – the “tragic” defeat, the “hero” who hits the game-winning shot, the overcoming of on-court obstacles that are proven so trivial in times like these. We love the allure of larger-than-life figures, capable of athletic feats that are almost superhuman. We take for granted the distraction of a game that only serves as an intermission between matters of true life and death – where heroes are born out of circumstance and communities are bonded into families.

Tonight, we mourn the loss of life. We mourn the limitless potential and budding talent that was taken from this world far too soon. As you and your family dry tears and mend broken hearts, know that you are not alone.

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We will get better and we will be better, because this is Connecticut.


Tyler Wilkinson

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of — founded in 2012 to provide additional useless insight on UConn sports.


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