Round 1: #7 Jerome Dyson vs. #10 Joey Whelton

Jerome Dyson vs. Joey Whelton

#7 Jerome Dyson – (2006-2010)
by Peter Bard

“Slicin’” Jerome Dyson was the most polished member of the massively talented 2006 recruiting class. Maybe it’s because of unfair expectations, but I’ve always felt that this group, as a whole underperformed. While they did play in a Final Four (though without the injured Dyson), the way that a Dyson/Stanley Robinson-led team folded down the stretch of the 2009-2010 season was really difficult to watch.
When he was on, though, Dyson was a sight to behold. I’ve never seen a UConn player dominate games so angrily. Dyson always played as though he felt slighted. There was a lot of emotion in his game (which may have contributed to his lackadaisical play as a senior).
Despite it all, Dyson still led the team in scoring twice, and finished his career with 1630 points, 13th all-time. If that’s not enough, then maybe I expected too much.

Career Points: 1630

Career Rebounds: 443

Career Assists: 333

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Career Steals: 188

Career Blocks: 56


3rd Team Big East 2009-2010
1000 point club
Member of 2009 Final Four team

  #10 Joey Whelton – (1974-1978)
by Tyler Wilkinson

Joey Whelton played a big part in a UConn run long overshadowed by the championship teams of modern history. As a sophomore, Whelton sank a game winning shot against UMass in the New England Championship Tournament, before upsetting a highly-touted Providence team – sending UConn to the NCAA Tournament where they reached the Sweet Sixteen. Whelton was named the MVP of the NECT.
Whelton’s junior and seniors years were marred by injuries and bad luck as coaching and roster changes held the Huskies back from competing. He finished his UConn career with 1,337 points.

Career Points: 1337

Career Rebounds: 155

Career Assists: Records not kept

Career Steals: Records not kept

Career Blocks: Records not kept


1000 point club

A-Z Tourney: Round 2 -- D vs. O

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  • Team D (41%, 53 Votes)

Total Voters: 129

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  1. I know precisely nothing about Whelton, and I TOTALLY voted for him. Dyson was an incredibly frustrating player to watch.

  2. I had a bit of a love/hate relationship with him too. He would have been great if he played to his strengths. He always wanted to be more than what he was capable of and ended up making some horrible decisions because of it.

  3. I can tell most people are voting against Dyson and not voting for Whelton… And though I liked Dyson I can see why.

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