Round 1: #6 Marcus Williams vs. #11 Ricky Moore

Marcus Williams vs. Ricky Moore

#6 Marcus Williams – (2003-2006)
by Peter Bard

The great irony of Marcus Williams is that he was known for his excellent decision-making on the court, by made terrible decisions off of it. I’m not looking this up, but Williams has to be UConn’s all-time leader in games missed due to suspension. Between flunking off of an eventual championship team in 2004 to missing the first several weeks of the 2005-2006 season because of an arrest for stealing laptops, Williams never seemed to have enough time to truly assert himself on the court.

You wouldn’t know it from the numbers, of course. Williams is 6th all-time in assists at UConn, despite only playing in 70 games in his career. His career assist rate of 7.3 per game is first in program history by an enormous margin. He was certainly a lot of fun to watch, as he made big shots and threw the passes that led to some beautiful fast break dunks.

I was a little surprised that Williams fared so poorly in the NBA, given his overwhelming game-sense and obvious talents, especially after watching him outplay Rajon Rondo so decisively in the NCAA tournament in 2006. While that team is known for underachieving, Williams definitely made his mark with it.

Career Points: 627

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Career Rebounds: 227

Career Assists: 510

Career Steals: 72

Career Blocks: 14


UConn leader in assists per game
2nd Team Big East 2005-2006
3rd Team Big East 2004-2005
Member of 2004 National Championship team, kinda
Left UConn after junior season
NBA 1st Round draft pick

  #11 Ricky Moore – (1995-1999)
by Meghan Bard

Full disclosure, Ricky Moore is one of my all-time favorite UConn players. A four-year player, and a key member of the 1999 National Championship team, Ricky Moore is one of the best one-on-one defenders ever to play in Storrs. Two words, people: Allen Iverson. In the 1996 Big East Championship game, a freshman Moore held Iverson to 13 points, when Iverson had averaged 20 points in the first two games of the tournament. Iverson once said Moore was the only guy who could cover him. That game is one of the single best defensive performances ever by a Husky.

His class won more games then any other in UConn history, and a lot of that credit goes to Moore, who was the co-captain his senior year. He was always the guy doing the little things that don’t necessarily show up in the stat sheet. Moore was incredibly quick on defense, and a leader on both ends of the court. And his teams won, and they won games against teams every expected them to lose to (see: Duke, 1999 NCAA Championship game). His incredible defensive performance in the 1999 NCAA tournament, shutting down the other team’s best player in every game, is one for the history books. Moore is currently UConn’s Assistant Director of Basketball Administration under Coach Kevin Ollie.

Career Points: 925

Career Rebounds: 402

Career Assists: 510

Career Steals: 170

Career Blocks: 47


Member of 1999 National Championship team
Member of all-time winningest senior class at UConn

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  1. This is such a tough early match-up. I remember seeing Marcus Williams play as a frosh and some of the passes he made were ridiculous! I remember telling my buddies he was going to be special. Then the whole laptop thing and grades thing happened and he just never left with a good rep. Ricky Moore is underrated at an 11 seed! When I think of lock down defender he’s the first UConn player I think of!

  2. Ricky. Until Kemba, my all time favorite Husky. Putting elephants in the heads of the opponents’ best scorers since 1994.

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