Round 1: #3 Wes Bialosuknia vs. #14 Karl Hobbs

Wes Bialosuknia vs. Karl Hobbs

#3 Wes Bialosuknia – (1964-1967)
by Tyler Wilkinson
Wes Bialosuknia was one of UConn’s earliest stars. Despite sitting out his freshman season, he still managed to score 1,673 career points – currently good for 8th place on UConn’s all-time list. Known for his jump shot, Bialosuknia still holds the UConn record for career scoring average at 23.6 – bolstered by his 1966-1967 season in which he averaged 28 points per game.

Career Points: 1673

Career Rebounds: 260

Career Assists: Records not kept

Career Steals: Records not kept

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Career Blocks: Records not kept


UConn all-time leader in points per game
1,000 point club
Fewest games to UConn 1,000 point club
Did not play freshman season

#14 Karl Hobbs– (1980-1984)
by Meghan Bard
Karl Hobbs is better known as a coach and the guy who recruited Rip Hamilton, Caron Butler and Emeka Okafor than as a player. But Hobbs spent four years at UConn in the early 80s playing for Dom Perno. Hobbs, who is currently an assistant coach at UConn, set the then-record for careers assists with 534. That currently ranks as fourth all-time.

Career Points: 900

Career Rebounds: 185

Career Assists: 534

Career Steals: 162

Career Blocks: 13


3rd Team Big East 1983-1984

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  1. This one raises an interesting question. Hobbs’ coaching/recruiting seemingly contributed much more to the program than his playing. Should he get a bonus for that? I think it’s the same reason Ollie is handily winnig his matchup. I tend to think that it deserves consideration.

  2. While I would have no problem offering bonus points for guys who contribute to the program in other ways, the chasm in on-court production between Hobbs and Westis more than enough to make up the difference. Bialolosuknia is one of the best scorers in the program’s history, and he looks sweet as shit in those Chuck Taylor’s.

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