Round 2: #5 Shabazz Napier vs. #13 Jake Voskuhl

Shabazz Napier vs. Jake Voskuhl

#5 Shabazz Napier – (2010- )
by Peter Bard

In Rd 1, Napier defeated #12 Brian Fair, 163-10

I watched Shabazz play for about 90 seconds before I knew he was going to be one of my favorites. Reminiscent of a skinny Khalid El-Amin, Shabizness has a talent for doing the play the wrong way so confidently that it becomes right. Ill-advised three pointers early in the shot clock while protecting a lead? Absolutely. And he hits them.

Napier’s role in the legacy of the UConn Men’s Basketball team will probably go largely overlooked down the road. He’s probably going to end up playing most of his professional basketball in Europe, and guys like that don’t get remembered as much. But by sticking around with a team that was falling apart around him, Napier kept the team playing impressive basketball, leading vocally and by example. Care to gamble that Kevin Ollie’s first Husky team performs well-enough without Napier to get him a contract extension? If Ollie is the real deal (and it sure looks like he is), we’re going to have to wonder if we’ve got Napier to thank for it.

Career Points: 1239

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Career Rebounds: 342

Career Assists: 451

Career Steals: 178

Career Blocks: 17


1st Team Big East, 2012-2013
1,000 point club
Member of 2011 National Championship team
Just finished junior season

  #13 Jake Voskuhl– (1996-2000)
by Meghan Bard

In Rd 1, Voskuhl defeated #4 Rudy Gay, 140-129

Voskuhl, known more for his matinee idol good looks and impressive hair, was the center on the 1999 NCAA Championship team. With Kevin Freeman, Voskuhl kept Duke’s All-American center, Elton Brand, from taking over the game, undoubtedly a crucial aspect of the team’s first NCAA championship. Voskuhl was better known for setting the high screen, and passing to teammates Rip Hamilton and Khalid El-Amin than for his own offensive stats. He was always a solid defensive presence down low, and pulled down a career 880 rebounds.

Career Points: 863

Career Rebounds: 880

Career Assists: 124

Career Steals: 86

Career Blocks: 193


Member of 1999 National Championship team

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