Ranked: UConn Villains

Villain. (Chuck Liddy/Raleigh News & Observer/MCT)

Every great hero needs a villain, and UConn has faced no shortage of them over the past 25 years in its multi-sport march toward greatness. Because it’s ranking week, we have ranked those villains.

51. Kevin Pittsnogle

Played like his name sounds.

50. Mike Sweetney

Georgetown big who also tried to ruin the Knicks.

49. Roy Hibbert

Hit an obnoxious three-pointer.

48. Chris Taft

Also known as “Generic Pitt Player.”

47. Craig Smith

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The last Boston College player to play in front of an audience.

46. Mike Nardi

Backup vocalist for Coldplay.

45. Othella Harrington

From playing for Georgetown to their coaching staff. Two strikes.

44. Lavor Postell

More like Lavor Current Postell Worker.

43. Preston Shumpert

Perfect Duke name. Imperfect Syracuse career.

42. Skylar Diggins

Managed to deny Maya Moore another rightful championship. Rude as hell.

41. Michelle Marciniak

Played at Tennessee in the 1990s. Annoyed Jen Rizzotti.

40. Aaron Gray


39. John Wallace

Has the same number of rings as Russ.

38. Etan Thomas

Has the same number of rings as John Wallace.

37. Troy Bell

Won two Big East POY awards that clearly belonged to Albert Mouring and Tony Robertson.

36. Yancey Gates

Pugilist. Also the name of your grandparents’ nursing home.

35. Vonteego Cummings

The original annoying Pitt guard. Never made an NCAA Tournament.

34. The Three Meeks

Tennessee trio of Chamique Holdsclaw, Sameka Randall and Tamika Catchings. Won three straight rings in the late 90s. Who do they think they are?

33. Marcus Hatten

Somehow more villainous than St. John’s predecessor Ron Artest.

32. Steve Novak

Maybe guard him?

31. Scottie Reynolds

An All-American… in villainy.

30. Russ Smith

Played at Louisville for 13 seasons.

29. Darius Rice

Shamon Tooles’ favorite target.

28. Troy Caupain

Tried to ruin Jalen Adams’ good time.

27. Troy Murphy

Works at Radio Shack.

26. Nic Moore

Used Gandolph’s magic to take half of Shabazz’s AAC POY award.

25. Chevon Troutman

More like Flounderman.

24. Sean Kilpatrick

Scored in double figures in all but one career game against UConn.

23. Jai Lewis

Played in a game that never happened.

22. DeJaun Blair

Was very mean to Hasheem Thabeet.

21. C. Vivian Stringer

Once beat Geno in the BET championship game: Rutgers’ greatest accomplishment.

20. Luke Harangody

Like Troy Murphy but Harangodier. Also the same person as Kemba-award-stealer Ben Hansbrough.

19. Allen Iverson

If you’re a Hall of Famer on an opposing team, you’re a villain.

18. Dan Shaughnessy

General misogynist.

17. Bill Curley

Donyell Marshall’s archrival.

16. Mick Cronin

Doesn’t know how time works.

15. Montrezl Harrell

The extra “L” is for “Le’villain!”

14. Kerry Kittles

Wore high socks. Took Ray Allen’s 1995 Big East POY award.

13. Jared Dudley

Will likely be the last Boston College player to ever make a Sweet Sixteen.

12. Britney Griner

Run of dominance slightly delayed UConn’s.

11. Carl Krauser

X <— letter grade of playing against Krauser.

10. John Calipari

Bought Marcus Camby away from UConn. Destroyed a budding UMass rivalry by ruining the program and leaving town.

9. Eric Devendorf

If Jim Boeheim had a jumpshot and a terrible beard.

8. Muffet McGraw

Dared building a legitimate temporary rival to UConn.

7. Christian Laettner

Pros: Made the world root for Rod Sellers. Cons: Is Christian Laettner.

6. Rick Pitino

Always plays UConn tough, for 15 seconds at a time.

5. Gerry McNamara


4. Pat Summitt

Women’s basketball matriarch. Geno’s greatest rival.

3. Jim Boeheim

Bought Carmelo Anthony. Still has fewer rings than these people.

2. Gene DeFillippo

Former Boston College AD. Owner of the world’s most well-earned inferiority complex.

1. Mark Emmert

Runs a cartel. Dropped the hammer on UConn while ignoring more serious infractions at other universities. Makes his money by exploiting young athletes.