Let’s Get the Orange Out

Our friends in Syracuse need our help. In the lead up to their football game with Louisville, Cuse has asked people to do the jobs of their athletics and marketing departments for them and design a t-shirt for all to wear as the ghost of Donovan McNabb or whoever takes the field to lose to the Cardinals.

Here’s the template. You’ll notice that Syracuse has apparently chosen a white shirt as the template for their “Orange Out.” Though in fairness, when you live in a place devoid of color 11 months of the year, it’s probably quite challenging to remember what they look like. Clearly, assistance is needed.

Be a good citizen of the college sports world. Submit your designs. Share them with us on the twitters. Help Syracuse.

We’ll get the ball rolling. Below are a few of our suggestions that will ensure all in attendance for the game will look stylish — and the shirts will also double as fashionable formal wear for their snow weddings.

1Shirt 1

2Shirt 2

3Shirt 3

4Shirt 4

5Shirt 5

for more information about Syracuse athletics, visit syracuse.nyc

Tyler Wilkinson

Owner & Editor-in-Chief of ADimeBack.com — founded in 2012 to provide additional useless insight on UConn sports.