To the other 350 teams: Time to beat UConn

You’re not going to hear this much at A Dime Back, but here we go: come and beat the Huskies.

Morgan Tuck to WNBA

UConn star on to the next level

The End of an Era

Closing an unprecedented run of dominance

Important Questions with Howard Megdal

Call him #HotTakeHoward

A Q&A with Howard Megdal, who is qualified to talk about women’s basketball

Talking UConn with Excelle Sports' Editorial Director

Bonus Mailbag: Adams vs. KLS

Frosh. vs. Frosh | Bard vs. Bard

Double-Standard for Women Extends Beyond Basketball

To reiterate: fuck this shit.

The UConn women’s basketball machine rolls on

2016 has just been another victim

Geno Auriemma unloads on the idiots

Fire up the quote machine.

No, you’re boring

It’s March, so we’re all hearing the familiar refrains associated with the NCAA basketball tournaments: Cinderellas and upsets, where the mecca of college basketball is, and, of course, that women’s basketball is boring because the UConn women are too good.
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Ranking UConn’s Best Pros

Getting paid to play sports. Imagine?

#MailWeek: Worst UConn Injuries

Thanks for sticking with us during #MailWeek, as we answered your questions and staved off conference realignment based panic attacks. Today's question comes from Tim,...

UConn, Ranked

An incomplete, but definitive, ranking.