Championship Game: UConn vs. UCLA

It all comes down to this.

The Championship Game of the All-Time NCAA Tournament features the most dominant program of the 20th Century versus the most dominant program of the 21st Century. UCLA’s frontcourt has a clear advantage over UConn’s, with Hall of Famers Lew Alcindor (eventually Kareem) and Bill Walton. But the Huskies feature a dynamic backcourt, led by Ray Allen — who gets to face off with Reggie Miller one last time. Reminder: click each team picture to see the full lineups, coaches, and more.

Cast your vote and determine the winner.

For a breakdown on how the tournament works, an updated bracket, and more, check out the ADB Tourney home page.

Championship Game

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  1. One of two things happens here, and it’s all contingent on Donyell. Either he scores 30 from the outside, or he draws a dominant big out of the paint and gives Mek enough room to operate. Alcindor may be the best player on the court, but Davis is the worst (least good?), which makes us by default, marginally deeper. Only question is, who takes the last shot in a 1 point game — Kemba or Bazz? As long as it’s not Yell at the line to seal it, we’re good.

  2. Sorry I can’t vote for our Huskies, but Calhoun gets schooled by Wooden and all of our bigs foul out trying to stop Alcindor and Walton.

  3. I just can’t vote for UConn. In this one. UCLA has 2 of the greatest college players of all time and the greatest coach. UConn really would be a huge under dog but they upset UNC too in this so maybe some Kemba magic is in store for the Wizard of Westwood

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