Tyler Wilkinson

Tyler Wilkinson
Owner & Editor-in-Chief of ADimeBack.com -- founded in 2012 to provide additional useless insight on UConn sports.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Today's win against DePaul was UConn's 6th consecutive Big East Tournament win. It was not, however, particularly memorable. In honor of UConn's historical ass-kickery...

The Tale of Doron Sheffer

First there was Nadav Henefeld – the first Israeli native to don a UConn uniform. Henefeld arrived at UConn after serving the mandatory three...

Personality Disorder

Jim Calhoun is a mountain of a man. He stomps around the sidelines, stares daggers though his players, curses, kicks the scorer’s table. He...

What to Expect: Disappointment

Welcome to A Dime Back. You can expect to be horribly disappointed. Enjoy!
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Top Posts of 2016

2016 was something of a down year for UConn (only one national championship? Why even show up?), but it was a record-setting year for...

Ranking UConn’s Best Pros

Getting paid to play sports. Imagine?

Ranked: UConn Point Guards

Yooooooo there are no games this week so let’s rank some stuff! We got this question from Storrs South on the Twitters: We always talk...